If you or a friend will soon be moving out of the Louisville, Ky. area, we have a number of services we
can offer to you:
First, the obvious.  We can assist you in selling your home in Metro Louisville,
and buy your house for the best possible price to you to prepare for your move elsewhere.
Then, we have a referral network we can use to help you in finding a great Realtor in the destination
city.  Here’s how it works:

  1. We interview you or the friend who will be moving to determine what sort of home you see
    yourselves buying, what price range, whether you know anything about the city where
    you’re going, and many other factors,
  2. We utilize our referral network to locate agents who generally work in the destination
    market selling the types of properties you hope to purchase,
  3. We call and interview targeted agents based upon your criteria.  For instance, we can
    determine how long an agent has been in business, the areas they “cover”, any foreign
    languages they may speak (if appropriate) and even real estate training certifications they
    may hold (which usually don’t matter to the public, but may alert us to specialties or
    training the distant Realtor may have attained),

Once we have a list of two or three, we will put you in contact with each of them so you can determine
which appears to be the best overall fit for your move. 
There is no charge to you for this service.  We can do the same for anyone you know who may be
moving to another city and would like competent real estate “representation” on the other end.
Please let us know if we can assist you by providing our relocation referral services to you or a friend
who may be moving away!